May 24, 2008

World’s longest mobile phone concept

Modern mobile phones come in many different form factors and sizes, but almost all of them have something in common - they fit in your pocket. After all, that’s what a mobile phone is about, right?

Designer Tamer Koseli seems to disagree though. He has created a concept of what has to be the longest mobile phone ever. Not only it is long enough to impress your girlfriend, it’s also very narrow (see it compared to the size of a SIM card below). The concept phone is called “Need”.
The phone has two displays - a simple OLED one which displays basic information, and a touchscreen that goes along all the length of the phone as demonstrated in the photos. You can lock and unlock the phone by sliding the first screen up and down, as shown in the first picture. The battery and connection information is only shown in the unlocked state for some reason.

Mr. Tamer Koseli also seems to have strong opinion on the functions that a mobile phone should have. His concept doesn’t include any camera, MP3 player or anything of sorts; everything is limited to communicational features only. Can’t say I disagree with him completely.

Actually creating such a phone would pose some challenges, but I bet touchscreen fans would have a blast using something like this.

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