May 24, 2008

16 new phones coming to T-Mobile from mid-June to August?

T-Mobile has been acting real slow in rolling out some of the finest phones it will ever have, as it has delayed the launch of a couple Nokia XpressMusic phones (and even went so far as to scrap a single Motorola handset), but we’ve been told that a total of 16 new handsets might be on the way to T-Mo from June 16th to August of this year.

Sure, it might be keeping its iPhone exclusivity in Germany, but it’s going to need at least a few low-end phone to balance everything out, right? But honestly, sixteen, I think, would be just a bit too much.

But if you prefer variety, then you’ll be glad to glance at this short list of phones that are said to be coming to T-Mobile very soon. It’s nothing official, but it’s a good place to start. And sad to say, Sony Ericsson fans will be very disappointed. Don’t ask me why, just read the list.

1. Nokia 5310
2. Nokia 5610
3. Shadow II
4. Nokia 2760
5. Nokia 1208
6. Nokia 6301
7. Shadow III (Damn, did we say that?!)
8. Samsung T339
9. Samsung T229
10. Blackberry Bold
11. Blackberry KickStart
12. Motorola W450
13. Motorola Rokr E8

That leaves three unknown releases, given that all the listed devices will in fact launch in the next two months, which we highly doubt.

We could also see some paint jobs, and software updates for the Curve and the Sidekick. A report also notes that an official announcement regarding the matter could be coming as early next week. If anything happens, we’ll let you know.

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