May 24, 2008

Sony Ericsson G702 “BeiBei” gets FCC approval

Ha! Who would’ve thought that this mysteriously white Symbian-powered touchscreen phone from Sony Ericsson had a model number designation after all? As it appears, the Sony Ericsson BeiBei, which we have been seeing in the wild for quite some time now, is actually the Sony Ericsson G702, and is now geared towards a launch date very soon because it has just passed through the FCC.
The Sony Ericsson G702, or BeiBei, whichever you prefer, should be able to serve your 3G needs as long as you are in the 2100MHz band. Of course, this is also a quadband GSM and EDGE phone, so it’s got your comms pretty much covered.

Its much-awaited features (e.g. GPS, Wi-Fi, stylus-based touchscreen, and autofocus camera) are also to be included so its safe to say that this little number isn’t just for business types. We haven’t heard of a launch date yet, though, but we’ll let you know about it once we do.

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