Apr 20, 2008

Gold Buddha phone is wrong, wrong, wrong!

In the teachings of Buddhism, attachment and craving is the ignorant source of suffering, so it goes without saying that the gold plated Buddha mobile phone is sacreligious.
(And it only a 1.3 mega-pixel camera, which is other level of human suffering.)

Sigh... exclusive to the Chinese market the Buddha phone might be crass, but it sure is shiney! Aside from being coated in a 24 karat gold finish, the Buddha phone featuresa carved jade scroll button and classic Buddhist music preloaded. Also included is a microSD card slot because the chubby Buddha likes expansion; touchscreen, 3G speed, and MP4.

No word on what this Golden Calf costs; but I doubt the average Chinese Buddhist will be able to afford it on a Communist salary.

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