Apr 20, 2008

iPhones selling at cheapest prices ever

So what is it that could undercut the price of the most hyped cell phone ever?

It turns out an even newer iPhone. With the still semi secret 3G iPhone set to hit the marketplace this summer; mobile operaters with iPhone exclusives are scrambling to sell their existing inventory before it becomes obsolete.

See when European vendors saw the stateside splash the iPhone was making last summer, they over ordered for their own regions, and stand to lose a lot of money. So to cut their loses O2 in England just sliced the price of a first generation iPhone unit from £269 to £169; and in Germany, T-Mobile will sell you their €399 (£319) iPhone for €99.

Despite the slightly poor showing for the original iPhone; the 3G version is expected to make a bigger impact in the European marketplace, where the speedier 3G is more readily available.

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