Apr 12, 2009

Nokia N97 release date

I've been watching this one closely. From the moment Nokia announced the Nokia N97 I've been eager to get my hands on one. The spec got me salivating. Check this out:

  • 5.0 Megapixel Digital Camera with Carl Zeis lens and duel LED flash.
  • 32GB Onboard Memory!!!
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity.
  • Assisted GPS.
  • HSDPA.
  • PUSH Email
  • TV-output, Video Player, and Video Recorder.
  • Full-Size slide out QWERTY Keyboard.

  • 32GB onboard memory, that's amazing, even twice the size of the largest iPhone available. Apparently it will also be capable of accepting a 32GB MicroSD card too. Though initially only 16GB cards will be available.

    One small gripe I have, is that Nokia have opted to use a resistive screen rather than a capacitive screen. For such a high end phone, it seems a silly decision, as it's sure to seem sluggish when compared with the iPhone.

    It appears the N97 isn't going to hit our shores though until June. Carphonewarehouse and other sources are giving the date of June 23rd as the expected release date, but who know's what could happen between now and then?

    I'm really keen to learn from anybody who's got a pre-production Nokia N97.

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