May 24, 2008

Nokia E66 hits FCC, passes

The sleek new Nokia E66 slider phone, which looks like a Nokia E65 on steroids, has just come through the doors of the FCC, and guess what, it’s approved! Now we can rest easy thinking that we’ll be hearing official word directly from Nokia very soon, and who knows, maybe even a confirmed launch date?

The Nokia E66 is the rumored successor to Nokia’s E65, just as the Nokia E71 is to the E61. And while we’re not yet entirely sure as to what you’ll be getting with the Nokia E66, we do know that it’ll pack a 3.2 megapixel autofocus camera, built-in GPS, and that large color display you see, making this QWERTY-keyboard equipped device more than just your average business phone.
We have not heard of an upcoming launch date too, though, but with this you’d be right to expect it to roll out very soon.

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