May 24, 2008

‘Enable 3G’ setting in iPhone 2.0 Firmware fake… NOT?

While I was busy getting lost in the woods the other day, Engadget and a bunch of other sites got down to some investigative reporting and claimed this screenshot of iPhone 2.0’s 3G settings was nothing more than a photoshopped fake. They almost got me there. Almost.

Engadget’s report is based on, like the source of the original screenshot (Chronic Productions), an obscure blog that as good as widely unread. The blog, called iSmashphone, claims that they are 100% right about this screenshot being a fake. So why are they putting strikethroughs all over their original post now that their blog is starting to become famous? Why change the words of an article if those are what made you a hot one in the first place?
The simple truth, according to Arn of MacRumors and Ed of iPhoneAlley, is that iSmashphone took the matter quite too literally, and forgot to read between the lines, saying that the screenshot was nothing but a fake just because Chronic Productions closed down their blog right after posting a very revealing disclaimer. According to Chronic Productions (in a post made just before they closed down their blog), “The 3G screenshot was a fake, but ironically it really is in the firmware and looks exactly like that!”

Well, here’s your exactly like that. Arn clears things up by saying that the exact words seen in the screenshot are indeed found on iPhone 2.0’s firmware, only not in the same place as the first string pertaining to the 3G option.
So as it appears, the 3G option will be included in iPhone 2.0 (as we all already know), the screenshot might as well be real, and the disclaimer posted by Chronic Productions should be the dead give away. They just got accepted into the iPhone Developer Program, so they probably wanted to leave things nice and clean, lest they want to get in trouble with Apple.

But then again, I’m no photoshop expert, so if you want to pick pixels and still say this screenshot is a fake, please feel free to do so. Bottom line is still that that iPhone will be getting 3G network support very soon, and that the 3G settings are going to appear in the exact likeness of this screenshot. Or at least it should.

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