Mar 3, 2008

Disney Mobile now in Japan

Usually if an idea is a massive failure you would admit defeat and move on, but when it's a small world after all, like it is for a global brand like Disney, you can call the American Disney Mobile just a test case, and maybe even selling that with a straight face.

See Japan is mascot obsessed, and if ever Disney was going become a successful mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) it would be in the land of Hello Kitty. The way it works is Disney is renting space from Softbank, one of the biggest mobile companies in Japan. Subscribers can then choose from three different Mickey Mouse covered phones, and download such free content as wallpapers and custom e-mails featuring the Disney roster of characters.

Disney Mobile, which officially launched yesterday, will be the first virtual mobile network offered in Japan, adding to the uncertainty of a concept that only lasted 18 months state side.

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