Mar 3, 2008

Review: The Many Uses of Qik

Qik for mobile phones is one hell of an application. As many of you know, Qik is an application that let’s you stream live feeds via your cell phone, and in my case, the Nokia N95. You might be asking yourself, “what reasons would I need this application at all?” Well, see more after the jump…

Qik let’s you stream live video feeds from your phone to the internet, via you personal Qik page or a player which you can embed on your blog or site. What could you possibly use Qik for?

Well, if you’re considered a very interesting person, you can broadcast your daily life in order to amuse masses. Or, let’s say you’re at an event and you’re buddies can’t make it, you can give them a little taste or a peek at what they’re missing. Or if you’ve discovered a new spot or even an undiscovered band that you like, you can broadcast it to the world in order to share. This program is priceless if you’re a blogger. No need to carry anything else in order to blog but your trusty cell phone, it makes you highly “mobile”.

The possibilities and reasons are endless. For instance, our little review of “Vantage Point”:

I personally love Qik. Even if you don’t have a signal (i.e. in a basement or subway system), stream anyway. Qik wil save the videos and upload them as soon as you acquire one. Also, while shooting live feeds, the public can communicate with you via their computers. In fact, their comments pop into your screen as your shooting and you can respond to their questions and comments as soon as you receive them. The program is easy to use, it’s pretty much point and shoot.

Another example is this Call of Duty 4 video of matches that I broadcast for my brother’s clan. Those unable to play we’re able to watch his match.
In my opinion, this is a must have app.

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