Mar 3, 2008

TNA Wrestling: Mobile Ass Kicking

Pissed off? awesome. Longtail Studios has partnered with TNA Wrestling to bring the rising franchise to the mobile game platform.

Like most console wrestling games, TNA Wrestling will feature a variety of match types like iron man matches and tag team gauntlet runs, as well as the unlockable -- and ambiguously termed -- "unlimited" wrestling mode.

But here's the coolest part: The game will also feature a create-a-wrestler mode and strategic gameplay sections outside of the ring, where decisions regarding alliances and other drama/managerial elements will affect the kind of match-ups you encounter.

A full roster of TNA's big names will be part of the game, with everyone from A.J. Styles and RoH-bred main eventer, Samoa Joe, to industry veterans like Sting, Christian Cage and Kurt Angle. Yii-yey-yeyy.

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