Mar 10, 2010

How to Convert Your S60 Nokia Phone Into iPhone

Bored of the interface of your S60 device? If you have tried everything else, the wallpapers, themes and every possible customization, then one thing that you just can’t dislike is iphone look. Yes that’s right; with MyPhone installed in your S60 mobile phone you can get the look and feel of iphone right in your S60 device.

As if now there are 2 versions of MyPhone available, one for the 3rd Gen Phone like E71, N73, N81 etc and another for 5th Gen Phones like 5800XM and Nokia N97. Every possible effort has been made to make the application as close as possible to the original and they have succeeded to quite an extent. Almost all the features of the home page are found similar to that of iphone. However despite everything you should never forget that you are using an addon on your S60. You have just changed the body; the soul still remains the same.

The slide to unlock feature, Bottom Dock has also been included, just as in iphone. Moreover all the icons are same as that of the iphone, there is no difference at all. That’s not it, just as in iphone you can change the orientation of the home screen icons by tap, hold and drag. You can also do that same in your s60 mobile phone using MyPhone. MyPhone is not available as free download, the cost is $12.99 but you can download the free trial version before you actually decide to shell out $12.99.

Some other features of MyPhone:

Notifier Icon

Sketchpad Application

Auto Lock

Alternative List Mode

FM radio

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