Mar 22, 2009

Nokia N97 Loaded with Skype

Internet calling company Skype has secured a deal with Nokia under which the world’s biggest phone maker will preload Skype software into some of its new smartphones starting from the third quarter of this year. Nokia is pre-installing a Skype client on the flagship N97 handset, being launched in June, allowing users to make VoIP calls without paying a penny to the network operator who is still expected to subsidise the cost of the phone

It will also let people use Skype’s instant-messaging client. Most importantly, N97 users will be able to make free and low-cost phone calls over the Internet whether they are on a 3G cellular network or a Wi-Fi network. The Skype-to-Skype voice calls are free. And the SkypeOut service, which allows calls from Skype to landlines and mobile devices, offers low rates.

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