Jan 29, 2009

Nokia Royal phone comes with 1160 diamonds and 8 platinum screws

Those of you in need of a special Nokia Carbon Arte should be happy to find out that a so-called Nokia Royal will soon be launched.

The Royal resembles the Carbon Arte, but brings more luxury to the table. It’s not covered in carbon, but in solid platinum fixed with 8 handmade platinum screws.

On the sides, Nokia Royal host around 1160 tiny diamonds that totalize about 8.2 carats. And to make it all even more luxurious, the handset comes in a handmade box built from granite and leather.

If you ask me, the phone doesn’t look that good. But hey, it’s not the first and certainly not the last luxury device that’s not as beautiful as its makers want us to believe it is.

The Royal is crafted in the UK by Goldstriker’s Stuart and Katherine Hughes. Only 50 units of it will be created. And, although its price is not known yet, it will surely be an extremely high one.

The new luxury Nokia is set to be launched on January 31, at the Colette boutique in Paris. Interested customers will be able to buy it directly from there, as well as online, via Stuart and Katherine Hughes’ website (a weird sound plays after you access it, by the way). Source...d

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