Aug 17, 2008

VEVA S60 - luxury handset from China

Guess we’ve missed this, but it was just recently when we caught Qiao Xing Mobile’s press release announcing that its VEVA S60 luxury handset has achieved a great success.

The device was originally released in May of this year, and during the second quarter the company has sold nearly 100,000 units. Qiao Xing plans to sell 300,000 units in Q3 2008 and somehow we think they’ll succeed. The reason is simple - the VEVA S60 is made through cooperation with Swarovski, and each phone is decorated with 129 Swarovski crystal mosaic and 18K gold coating. All this could be yours for mere $290!

And that’s not all. The fact that VEVA S60’s gross margin was 61% inspired Qiao Xing to build speciality retails stores in up-market shopping malls to “offer one-stop solution and VIP services for its VEVA customers.”

I’m glad to see Chinese handset makers going beyond cloning. However, I could add that the “S60″ part of the name does sound confusing for all the Symbian fans out there who may’ve hoped there’s Nokia’s software platform running under the hood…

Full releases are available from these two links, and here’s the VEVA S60’s page on Qiao Xing Mobile’s website. Source...

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