May 24, 2008

Press photos of Verizon’s LG Decoy leaked!

Well, well, well, what do we have here? So the LG VX8610, which we have been seeing for quite a while now, actually has its own alias after all, and it will be Decoy. That’s right, LG Decoy, as per Verizon and this lovely leaked press shot.

When will manufacturers and telcos ever learn? Don’t they know that giving away exclusive photos such as this will kill all the excitement and suspense in the handset’s official launch? OK, not really, but still, ah, forget it. We know you love this stuff anyway, and there’s more from where this came from.
The LG VX8610 “Decoy,” as we’ve learned, is a slider phone unlike any other. It features a Bluetooth headset - built-on, or should we say, built-out? It’s actually situated outside the handset casing, on top of the cellphone’s back side. It’s detachable and charges through a dock.

As we earlier reported, June could see the launch of this intruiging new handset, but don’t hate us if that doesn’t happen. Read again - because we said could, OK?

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