May 23, 2008

Nokia Aeon may be more real than you think

Touch screen displays? New types of casing graphics? New form factors that break down a phone into several pieces? Sounds interesting. Oh, and that removable bottom part looks quite close to the Nokia interactive touch keypad we told you about yesterday.

So while we may not be seeing Nokia Aeon on sale anytime soon, the actual concept might be already producing some results that get included in Nokia phones. And, who knows, in a few years you might actually find something along Nokia Aeon lines in a nearby retail shop.

Here on UV we’ve written about quite a few interesting mobile phone concepts.

Think all of them are just a pretty drawings that won’t be actually made? Well, most of them probably are, but some of them may be a bit more then that.

Remember Nokia Aeon concept phone that made waves in the techland about 18 months ago?

We probably won’t see it in the shops anytime soon. But, if the reports of Chinese NetEase site are accurate, Nokia researchers actually get to play we a real live Nokia Aeon model in their labs. NetEase even got the pictures of one handset to prove it.


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