May 11, 2008

Motorola removes iDEN firmware update utility

The firmware upgrade utility provided my Motorola for their iDEN handsets has been removed from their site. Also, no reason was given for the abrupt removal. The removal of the utility comes as a shock, as the utility has been a very useful tool for iDEN subscribers the world over. In the United States, this news affects Nextel subscribers.
Motorola’s iDEN firmware upgrade utility was a first of its kind application. It aimed to allow users to do their firmware upgrades from their own computer, in their own home. This saved them the time of taking the phone to a service center, and also saved carriers the time of updating their subscribers devices. It also allowed subscribers to have the latest firmware for their device easily accessible.

It is already being speculated on where the utility has gone. One answer, could be Motorola will integrate it into the Motorola Software Update application, which is used for both CDMA and GSM devices. It could also be, that the site is experiencing difficulties, or Motorola is about to drop a new and improved instance of the software soon.

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