May 11, 2008

Microsoft Targeting Developing Nations with Fone+

Microsoft has revealed its Fone+ project, part of the Unlimited Potential Group within Microsoft that aims to bring computing and technology to developing countries. The group was previously working on low-cost laptops and shared computing, but with a new leader at its helm, the focus has shifted to using Windows Mobile-powered handsets.

Craig Mundie has become the leader of the Unlimited Potential Group and thinks that bringing mobile handsets loaded up with Windows Mobile could be a better option for developing nations. The Fone+ prototype offers users the ability to connect the handset to a TV using a docking station so that the computing power of the handset can be displayed on the larger screen. Fone+ offers a smaller form factor and increased portability versus ultra-cheap computers.

Fone+ is still in early prototype stages, and no details were given as to a time line of when we'll see an actual product.

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