May 21, 2008

HTC Launches The HTC P3400i

HTC has just announced a new model, the HTC P3400i. The P3400i has a simple and intuitive interface, packed into a very affordable package.

Looking to be fashionably sleek and stylish, without too many bells and whistles, the HTC P3400i has been specially designed for the entry level market, and adds to the success of the HTC Touch family.

The HTC P3400i is powered by Windows Mobile 6 Professional, and comes bundled with applications for listening to music, watching videos, emails, office productivity, and even Windows Live Messenger, all available to the user while on the go. It also includes HTC Home, an HTC innovation that gives users an instant access to the most useful applications.

The HTC P3400i will be available at the end of May at all authorized resellers with a suggested retail price of $488(inclusive of 7% GST). Other features include:

* DirectPush Mail
* Internet Explorer Mobile
* Quad-Band
* 2 megapixel camera
* Speakerphone
* PIM applications
* 2.8” screen.

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