May 21, 2008

TreoSpot Gives Users Location Based Reminders

Palm Centro owners have a new reason to rejoice! A new freeware app that utilizes current location information for reminders! TreoSpot, the program, uses cellular towers to determine the current user’s location, and allows the user to set reminders based on the present location.

First off, users define the towers, and then create reminders for when they enter a certain area. This is very handy, especially for those situations that the user wants a specific reminder for the location. Such as setting up a reminder to do the laundry when the user is nearing their home, though some may not find that reminder pleasant!

On a slighter sour note, TreoSpot needs to be installed in the internal memory to work properly, which isn’t really a serious issue, until Centro users are reminded of their phone's limited internal memory.

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