May 24, 2008

First pics of Palm Treo 850 revealed

Ah yes, Palm is not dead yet. What on Earth ever gave you the idea? Here are a couple of live pics to prove that you’re wrong, and a scoop that’ll get most Palm fans, if there are still any, giddy and want to jump out of their seats.

The still unannounced Palm Treo 850 first appeared on the Web a few days ago, and from the photos we can say that the design has certainly come a long way from when Palm first began. It looks a bit similar to the also recently uncovered Palm Treo 800w, except for its bubbly-style keyboard and slightly more circular navigation pad.

Hard specs of the Palm Treo 850 have been hard to come by, but we do know that it will have a 400 MHz processor and 100 MB of RAM. Not much else after that, but we’ll be updating you as soon as we stumble upon some interesting new updates.

Meanwhile, a report at Register Hardware points out the presence of a shiny button on the Treo 850’s left side, just above what appears to be an Infrared port. Judging from how it looks, it could be a Wi-Fi connectivity toggle which enables users to freely switch Wi-Fi on or off, depending on their preference. This hasn’t been confirmed, though, but regardless of whether it’s really a switch for Wi-Fi connectivity or not, this certainly beats the heck out of a virtual switch that can be found on the phone settings (like the 3G iPhone’s alleged 3G connectivity switch).

We also haven’t heard of a near launch date yet, but if anything new happens, we’ll let you know.

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