May 24, 2008

HTC Touch Diamond coming to India through Bharti Airtel

If you are currently located in India and would like to know whether or not the HTC Touch Diamond will be coming to your shores, you’ll be glad to know that yes, it will indeed be coming to India, courtesy of the operator called Bharti Airtel.

Just as the time when HTC teamed up with Bharti Airtel nearly a year ago to launch the original HTC Touch, they are in a deal again together this time to market the sleek new Touch Diamond.
Once the HTC Touch Diamond hits India and the 65 million total GSM subscribers of Bharti Airtel, users will have a choice for a new touchscreen smartphone that’s other than the infamous Apple fruit phone. Acording to HTC, the Touch Diamond will be launched simultaneously in 17 cities in mid-June, at a price that won’t rise above 27,500 rupees ($640 USD).

The only catch is that the HTC Touch Diamond in India will be an EDGE variant, “since India has not yet started to implement 3G services,” according to HTC. Well, slow motion is better than no motion, isn’t it? At least it’s coming. And that’s reason enough to say “Yay!”

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