Mar 9, 2008

Puzzle Down To The King of Zing

So where is Zing anyway, and who voted for its king? Time is not on your side once you whoosh breakneck through more than 250 levels of insane ingenuity. Disguised as a simple maze puzzler with colourful graphics "King of Zing" will soon get you melted into a banana.

Your goal is simple: keep the little green bouncy ball in play by using the obstacles of the levels to your favour and reach the exit in time. Collect bonuses, play mini games and even risk all your achieved points at the slot machine - your score might skyrocket or wither into oblivion.

Sounds simple? Well, it is. But wait until you'll find out about the traps, teleporters and all the other ludicrous entrapments our crazy designers came up with just to mush up your brain.

This little baby is truly addictive. Puzzle, huh? check it out here.

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