Mar 9, 2008

Ego Boost: When Social Networks And Mobile Games Meet

Punch Entertainment, a developer and publisher of community based mobile games, announced the launch of a new social networking game for mobile phones, EGO. As the first game of its kind to be made available in the U.S., the game allows you to create your own customized super-avatar that has emotions, abilities, needs and an evolving personality based on your actions within the game.

Through your "EGO," you can meet and interact with friends on your buddy list, as well as with other EGOs in the virtual world in real-time. As a community-based game geared towards teens and up, EGO introduces a new type of platform for communication and interaction.
EGO ( is designed to be played on your mobile phone but also features a Web component that allows you to interact further within the virtual world of EGO. The mobile phone and Web versions of EGO are synched with each other. Users can try out a limited version of the game on the Web site, which is available now in beta. The EGO Web site launches with mobile carrier support from T-Mobile and additional carriers will be added soon.

Each EGO is affected by how you interact in the EGO world and social network. EGOs can eat and play. They can be scolded or praised. In real- time, you can chat, fight, flirt, argue, compete and do just about anything with other EGOs.

EGO was built to be a community-based game. You can add people to your buddy list, chat, post messages, blog and send messages to other people, all through your EGO.

Each EGO comes with his or her own room, which serves as a means of self-expression and allows you to learn about other EGOs. You can decorate your room, and list the songs you're listening to, the movies you enjoy watching and the books you're currently reading. Your room is like a home base for your EGO.

When you start playing the game, you are assigned an initial EGO archetype after answering some questions, but as you play the game, your EGO evolves and will acquire new archetypes -- unlocking new characteristics, activities and other appearance choices, including new clothes and cool accessories.

By challenging other EGOs to games and competitions like fights, roshambo, ESP battles and debates, you win social points that will increase your level and status. With 30 social levels within the game, the goal of EGO is to progress through each of the life stages: High School, College, Professional, Career and Enlightened.

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