Jun 7, 2009

Tweets 60 For Symbian Mobile Phones - Free Twitter Client For Nokia Mobile Phones

I have already written about many twitter applications for symbian mobile phones and to the list of twitter applications, there is a new application called Tweets 60 which is currently in its beta stage and its full version is due to be launched shortly. Moreover the developers have also proposed to launch the same application for 3rd and the 5th edition mobile phones.

Features of Tweets 60

• Just like all the other mobile phone twitter application, you can post directly from mobile phone, it’s just the difference of GUI but the working and the functionality all remains the same.
• Now if I say posting tweets via mobile client is faster, that won’t be wrong at all. It always saves time when posting via client than using the mobile sites.

• There is another option of managing the people whom you are following but very seldom people use this feature. I don’t think anybody would delete the people they are following unless somebody is spamming.
• The developers have to say that the Tweets60 with basic functionality will always be free. However a newer version with more advanced features is also in development for which the users may have to shell out something.
• It is also advisable to install Tweets60 on your memory card rather than phone memory as the database will expand when you use it continuously.

Download Tweets60

If you want to know about the latest updates on Tweets60, you can visit the link below

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