Jun 7, 2009

Download FREE Hot Pursuit for Windows Mobile

As the name suggests that the game is perhaps need for speed hot pursuit or some kind of racing game but it’s exactly the opposite. This new game which is recently released for windows mobile phones is a mystery puzzle solving game that takes you across the world to solve all the mystery cases you get. Once you start with the game and give in sometime, there is every probability the game can cause addiction. You can simply get glued.

The sense of competition that the game has to offer as you can submit your score online and then see where you stand. This competition factor plays a huge role in keeping you stick to the game. There are more than 42 countries that you will travel when playing this mystery-adventure game to solve the crime spree. When you start the game you are given a novice rank and just like in any other game as you progress, solve more and more cases, your rank is increased to a higher one.


• As I already said you will be travelling more than 42 countries when solving the mystery crime cases, but that’s only on your mobile phone. Remember, it’s just a game.
• The graphics and the sound quality is also very good. Moreover the background music is also very nice. At least it doesn’t irritate you unlike most of the other mobile phone games of the same genre.
• You can save and load the game from anywhere you want to. You don’t have to wait for the checkpoints to save your progress and that’s a really cool feature.
• You can also submit your score online and then compare with the other people scores to see where you stand.
• Moreover the game comes with a lifetime update support.

Download Hot Pursuit for Windows Mobile

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