Jun 7, 2009

Battery Extender - Increase Battery Backup Of Your Nokia Symbian Mobile Phone

Another symbian S60 mobile application under review today and the name is self explanatory and I suppose you would have guessed all right by now. Yes, it’s an application that can manage how your battery power is utilized so that you can get the maximum output from your mobile phone battery. Nice, isn’t it. It’s actually the power hungry smartphones that called for this application.

With the huge repertoire of the features that the latest smartphones have to offer, it becomes quite evident that the battery power will remain an issue later or sooner. By using Battery Exchanger you can somewhat reduce this problem because this application provides you with the option of fine tuning the settings on your device with which you can simply turn off all the power hungry features.


• There are few pre programmed power saving profiles that you can use depending upon your requirements. The names of the profiles are Max Battery, Outdoor sports, Improved Battery. There is nothing much to explain about what these profile settings do but it’s no harm to explain the self explanatory. So here it goes
• Max Battery Profile: By turning on this profile you can set the battery saving setting to maximum so that you can save as much battery time as you can.
• Outdoor sports Profile: You would want to use this profile when you are going out for a holiday or even when you are going for a jog
• Improved Battery Profile: Use this setting when you are running low on battery to get as much as you can

As if know Battery Extender can manage the following functions:

• Backlight brightness
• Backlight timeout
• Screensaver timeout
• Bluetooth
• Autorotate
• Applications

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