Jun 7, 2009

Bible Shaker - Read Holy Bible Messages On Your iPhone by Shaking it

Bible Shaker is a free iphone application and what this application is all about is very self explanatory. The name of the application has everything in it that I will be explaining. Bible Shaker is an iphone application that provides the quickest and reliable messages from the holy bible to help you in your day to day life. Spiritual and mental peace is getting more and more important to attain in this tensed lifestyle.

There could be nothing better than embracing the messages from the holy bible in your life for the ultimate enlightenment. With this application installed in your iphone you won’t have to wait for the morning newspaper or the daily email you get or even the need to switch on TV to listen to the teachings of bible.

How this application functions is quite simple. Once you launch the app you have the option of selecting a category from a list of 22 categories. You can choose from a range of subjects such as Blessing, Children, Healing, Marriage, Salvation and many more. Once you have selected the category you will be presented with the biblical messages from that category. After you are done with reading you can also mail that page to any of your friends.

To select a new category you should go back to the main screen and share the phone to generate a new biblical message. The same can be done via tapping also. However you have the option and variety of choosing from a list of categories, there is no option that would yield matter from all the categories at random. There is no such option

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