May 15, 2009

ZumoDrive - Free Data Storage Online For iPhone

Supersize Me is a file sharing application which is available as a free download for iphone. The application belongs to the much sort after categories among the mobile application and that is data storage online and file sharing. However there are many other application also available but all are either not free or they don’t have features as this application. So overall it’s a nice blend of what the users want from any file sharing application and what the company has to offer at max to the users.

However the storage space of iphone is considerably large but depending upon the latest applications which are developed daily and also the personal user data stored in the phone is getting huge by every day. Hence the need for extra storage space is felt and that is provided by Supersize Me. You can upload all your mobile phone contents to a cloud and can later on download it whenever you have free space or whenever you want to use them again.

The company is offering around 1GB of storage space in the cloud but it doesn’t seem that this much space will be enough to satisfy the hunger. So if you want more, you will have to pay more. You can get 10GB of monthly space at just $2.99 and if by chance you want more then you can have 100GB of storage per month but then you will have to shell out $11.99 per month.

What I did not liked about this application is that you need a desktop or your mac book to load your data to the cloud. You cannot use your iphone to upload your files and that is a pretty serious drawback according to me.

Download Supersize Me - ZumoDrive