May 15, 2009

Most Wanted - Track Most Wanted Criminals From iPhone

Most Wanted is a free iphone application which is targeted for the users of America and as the name suggests, the application is all about tracking criminals. Actually the contents shown in this application is with the consent of FBI and the most wanted criminals are shown. So that you are aware about what is happening and you can keep yourself updated and ensure that you know who most dangerous people on streets are and whom to be beware of.With this application you can get to know about the reenactments of crimes, the suspected, how he/she looks, the age, photos and the physical description. So for all the people who hate crime and those people who commit those heinous crimes what else could they ask for than a tool that can keep them updated about the facts. There is nothing fancy about the application and it does what it is meant for and that is to display the relevant information.

There are four version of Most Wanted available:

· Top Ten Most Wanted

· Most Wanted Terrorists

· Missing Kids

· About

All the above versions are different in the content they show which is clear from the name. The information is displayed in such a nice manner that location it is also easy and at the same time easy to remember. The information about name, picture and description is displayed along with background information of the events that led to them being listed in the database is also provided. Moreover there is also link there on the screen via which you can reach FBI directly and leave your comments there . so next time you get out somewhere there is some probability that you can encounter a missing child or even a fugitive.

Download Most Wanted

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