May 15, 2009

PPCPlayerGo - Watch 180 TV channels, Listen 60 radio stations on Windows Mobile

With mobile phones increasingly becoming the integral part of the lives of the people, the developers are taking care that new and useful features are developed for the mobile phones. With all the capabilities ranging from multimedia to even live TV and also radio broadcast, what else can a user ask for. One such application is PPCPlayerGo which is actually a TV and radio internet player for your Windows Mobile smartphone.

Well, the application is really cool and powerful and does what it says. There are many other video and audio broadcast applications available over the internet but not all are as versatile and huge as this application. Huge in the sense, the domain it has to offer. With this PPCPlayerGo you can watch nearly nearly 180 TV channels and listen to approximately 60 audio channels and that’s just the beginning. Depending upon the success rate of the application, the developers are thinking of expanding the domain further to more number of channels.

Key features:

· You get access to around 180 channels which can be sorted on the basis of sport, music, info, movies and discovery, so that it becomes easy for you to spot your favorite channel.

· You also get access to 60 good quality radio stations which you can enjoy any day anytime.

· However the application is available as a free download but still it does not have those cranky advertisements.

· Moreover the inbuilt update tool notifies you of the newer available versions and provides help through the help file.


· Compact Framework NET 3.5

· Pocket PC 2003 and 2003 SE, and Windows Mobile 5 and 6

Download PPCPlayerGo

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