May 15, 2009

Wayfinder Navigator - Free Navigation Assistant For Mobile Phone

Wayfinder Navigator is a Symbian mobile phone application. The name of the application tells a lot about what the application is all about. Very clearly it’s a navigation assistant which will guide you to your destination. The best thing about this application is no matter how much intensively you use this tool; you will never ever feel that you have used a lot of your GPRS bandwidth.To begin with the application was not available as free of cost but rather it cost around £200 for every 12 months of the subscription but then later on a demo version was released free of cost. Another thing that I liked and I am sure that many of you will also admire is that with this application you don’t have to download the entire maps package, rather the location which you have requested will be downloaded to your smartphone.

You may wonder that each download will prove quite costly but as a matter of fact it is not at all costly. The downloads are done in the vector-based form rather than the byte-hungry bitmaps. The aspect of the application where I could not see any significant improvement except some tweaks here and there is its interface, it is still quirky as it was earlier. Just to simplify the things a little bit, a favorites tab is added and a services feature is added. However over the past few versions there a significant improvement in the find utility of the application and is worth mentioning.
Moreover the inbuilt navigator is also very accurate and very carefully programmed. It beeps in a timely fashion and the audio commands guide you to your next checkpoint. That’s not all, there are many more features to talk about which I would like you to discover yourself. Download Wayfinder Navigator

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