May 15, 2009

Traffic TV - See Traffic From Live CCTV Cameras On Mobile Phone

Are you fed of the traffic conditions around your place, then this new tool called Traffic TV might be really helpful to your rescue. If you have already tried hard enough to find the correct mobile navigation tool for yourself, then I suggest try Traffic TV is the must to have in your Symbian mobile phone. The best part is that the application is right now available as a free download so that you can know about the application before you buy it.With the addition of the images from the live CCTV cameras, the utility of the application increases greatly. There is no denying the fact that booting process of the application is quite smooth but to experience the real performance you need to have a high RAM Symbian mobile phone. This RAM hungry application will certainly take a considerable chunk of your RAM.Getting use to the interface of the application will be very easy. You can scroll to the desired location of the map in which you are interested with the soft keys and then zoom in to see more details about the location. The thing that most of the users look forward to in such applications is the consumption of GPRS or 3G bandwidth. The images from the road side cams get updated after every 5 minutes and they also don’t take much of time to download.

Well, it can only give you static images about particular location, but it cannot help you to assess the traffic situation in advance, may be like planning a 100 mile trip. Before you buy this £40/per year stuff, there is a free trial version. However I feel that this application will be a good asset for all the frequent travelers.Download Traffic TV

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