May 15, 2009

Smug Shot - Free Photo Sharing App For iPhone

Smug Shot is an excellent iPhone application that allows you to share your photographs from your friends wherever you are. It also sends the information about the place from where you have taken the photograph. It makes use of Google maps to locate and pin point your exact location. The application is especially a good one for the people on the move and those who want to share their travelling experiences with their friends.

The key features of the application are:
• It is very user friendly and a lightweight application.
• It has a very elegant design.
• It allows you to share photos with your friends.
• You can also view the photos in a gallery.
• It sends the location information along with picture.
• It allows you to add a caption to your pictures.
• The image quality offered is also very good.
• You can set a password for the application.
• Family and friends can also directly access your gallery.
The application is a not a freeware and can be downloaded from the iPhone application store. The download link for the application is given below:
The application has also received some negative reviews though. Some people have come out saying that the application is slow and does not offer a very good picture quality. It is an application worth trying out and you can make use of the trial version and then form your opinion. Overall, I would say that the application is a good one and it surely leads to some convenience as you do not have to carry an extra digital camera and you can share the photos without using a computer. Download SmugShot

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