May 15, 2009

ALON MP3 Download free Dictaphone - Free MP3 Recorder For Mobile Phone

ALON MP3 Dictaphone is a free Symbian mobile phone application which lets you break the hard coded barrier in most of the Symbian phones that you can only record for about a minute. The reason that I can see behind this is that, may they don’t wanted you to accidently switch on the recording and then later on you end up filling up your entire phone memory.The thing that is will attract most of its customers will be the fact that with this application you can record the files in mp3 format which have far better sound quality than most of the other low-sampling rate WAV and AMR formats. It has also has the feature to record the podcasts while on the move and that according to me will turn out be its USP.

However it becomes difficult to record when moving because of the traffic noise and other factors but considering the fact that the input is taken from a low grade mobile phone mic with the setting of 64kbps, 16KHz sampling rate, 16-bit audio, the audio sample was reproduced quite faithfully with reasonably good voice clarity.
There is certainly no need to explain anything about the interface of the application as the whole thing is very carefully planned out and well designed. You just need to tweak a little bit the tool and you will soon become familiar. Another hidden feature which I discovered later on was the call recording feature. However you cannot record the call in mp3 format but still you can record atleast.
There also have been some issues regarding the music performance of ALON MP3 Dictaphone. You try to play it in the background and do something else, it simply crashes. Another thing is that the sampling rate is limited to 8KHz or 16KHz but this rate is not accepted by most of the standalone players. Download ALON MP3 Dictaphone

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