May 15, 2009

SMS Spam Manager - Free SMS Spam Blocker For Nokia Symbian Mobile

The name of the application speaks for itself if not completely you can easily make out what this application is all about. Sometimes it happens that you get completely frustrated by the untimely messages you receive. Sometimes late in the night when you are sleeping a sound sleep and the phone rings and what you discover is that it’s just a message. Or consider the situation when you are in office presentation and you get messages there.
To add to the frustration when you see the messages later on and discover that the messages were not from your girl friends but they were only spam or service messages. With SMS Spam Manager installed in your mobile phone you can effectively filter all your incoming SMS messages and keep a check on all the junk and unwanted messages. Sometimes SMS Spam Manager can also prove to be harmful as you may miss on an important message. Specifically for this purpose there are 6 filters included in the application. By selecting each you can selectively filter out the kind of messages you want to.

Here is information about all the modes under which you can configure your mobile phone so that you can customize the messages you want to block and those you don’t want to block.

• Accept all (inactive)
• Block all
• Accept phonebook only
• Block from black list rules
It’s quite easy to understand what these 4 filters will do when activated. If you use that fourth option you will see that there are further 3 optoins that you can configure under that option to provide a etter filter.

• Telephone number
• Prefix number
• Text match

Again I don’t think I need to tell about these sub filters as to what they do and how they function. Download SMS Spam Manager

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