May 15, 2009

Handy ZIP - Compress Data On Your Nokia Symbian Phone and Increase Space

All the Smartphone users experience the problem of storage space in their mobile phones. To counter this problem you have few alternatives, you can either delete junk and keep rotating the data so that you can keep what you want and delete the old junk data. Another option is to increase the storage space but it can’t go beyond the limit that can be supported by the phone. The other most likely solution is to compress the data so that you can bring in more and more new data.This compression software for symbian mobile phone is not available as a free download but its evaluation version is available as a free download and can be downloaded from the link given below. Handy ZIP comes in handy not only when you want to compress the files but it’s also useful when you are attaching files to email. When you send smaller files it will take time and obviously it will be a cheaper option as lesser data charges will be deducted.

But the limitation is that the other receiving end mobile phone also should have Handy ZIP installed so that the file can be decompressed and can be read. The application also comes in handy when you want to send many files, now you will be required to attach each file individually, that’s a lot of time wastage. Instead you can zip all the files and send them as a composite file which needs to be attached once. Moreover when you are surfing the internet and quite often you would have come across many zip files, with Handy ZIP installed in your mobile phone you can extract the files directly from internet and can excess the contents in the zip folder right away.Download Handy ZIP

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