May 15, 2009

SensyScan - Free Motion Detector Camera Application For Symbian Phonev

Out of the huge pool of security application for symbian platform, today I have come across another such security application called SensyScan. As the name can suggest a little about the application which is basically a sensitivity scanner or rather a motion detector that senses any movement made in the range of the camera and generates the alarm if any motion is detected.

This high-performance home security and surveillance system generates an alarm when it detects any motion and send SMS or MMS/E-Mail message with the snapshot of the moving entity to the phone number or the e-mail address you have already specified. The application is highly configurable and it’s very easy to understand as to how to operate it. You just need to tweak with the application for some time and you can easily make out how to get the job done with this application.
• First of all the motion-detecting algorithm it uses is very efficient and at the same time very reliable.
• The initial setup and the calibration is also very easy which is assisted by on screen display of real time information.
• You have the option of configuring various configurations and calibrations. For instance you can switch to high speed and high accuracy scan modes, sensitivity setting, HotSpot, timers, resolution of saved pictures, type of alarm message generated and much more.

• Full remote configuration and usage, with SMS control-messages
• Control message filtering (control messages only from specified phone numbers are allowed)
• There is a very nice feature that enables you to forward SMS messages sent to SensyScan.
• It’s not necessary that you can see the images only when an alarm is generated but you have the option of On-demand picture sending.
• You can also request the information about the status and log by sending SMS or MMS
Download SensyScan

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