May 15, 2009

CallsBlocker for Blackberry

How often you run in to situations when you to block calls from a particular number, I guess sometimes if not often and if by chance you are a blackberry user and have the same problem then this application might be the one you are looking for. CallsBlocker provides a comprehensive unwanted calls blocking solution.

CallsBlocker provides you with the option of blocking calls from the numbers from withing your contact list or the un known number or the withheld numbers also. Not only this but you can also set the duration after which the number will be blocked. The best feature added in CallsBlocker is that it allows you to block all the incoming calls from a particular sequence of digits. For instance it could be that you want to block all the calls coming from the numbers that start from 4562.
It may also be the case that you want people to block from your contact list also. CallsBlocker provides a very easy to use GUI which lets you added contacts to the blacklist on the fly. You will know the application better once you start using it and get acquaint with the controls.
Features of CallsBlocker:
• you can block numbers starting with specific digits
• you can also black list numbers by importing numbers from the address book or call log
• Set the amount of milliseconds when it should get blocked
• above all, it is a Freeware and can be download from the link given below.

Installation Procedure:
.EXE files
• Download the EXE file
• Connect your BlackBerry to your PC
• Run the downloaded EXE file on the PC to start the installation and follow the on-screen instructions
ZIP files
• Download the ZIP file
• Extract the archive
• Connect your BlackBerry to your PC
• Start BlackBerry Desktop Manager and click on the Application Loader icon and follow the on-screen instructions. Download CallsBlocker for Blackberry

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