May 15, 2009

Opera Mini 4.2 For Android Download

Android needs no introduction at all but for all those who are still not aware of the world of possibilities that android has to offer, android is a software platform and also a mobile based operating system which is developed by google in the last year. The so called Gphone by google did not turned out to be a huge success and prime reason was iphone which is simply brilliant and to match iphone google has to do something out of the sphere. However the attempt was well appreciated by many people arougn the globe.Despite everything there are fans of Gphone who had an opinion that the phone is really cool but somewhere down the line it lacks a powerful web browser. The solution to this posed by opera with the launch of opera mini 4.2 mobile web browser for the google phone. Since there is no more beta thing associated with the browser it is going to be a tough fight for the mini browser but I don’t see any reason that people will not like this powerful miniature.
Almost all the features that you can think of or you can expect from a mobile web browser are carefully integrated to provide the best of functionality. With this latest version opera mini browser you can upload and download files through the browser, save your files to SD Card, save WebPages for offline viewing, and the ability to play Flash videos. However the videos are not actually played inside the browser but are actually linked to be played in the default video player of the phone.
To draw a comparison between but the default web browser and the latest version of opera mini, I would say that opera mini has edge over the default browser as the page loading is way faster in opera and more smooth also.
Download Opera Mini 4.2
Opera Mini is available in Applications->Communication category in the Android Market

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