May 15, 2009

coBible NIV Version - Free Bible For Mobile Phone

There is a little hint in the name of the application as to what it is all about. Well, coBible is a Symbian phone application through which you can read bible on directly on your phone. The main reason why this application is becoming the favorite is its very well integrated navigation utility which lacks in most of the mobile readers such as mobipocket.
NIV in the name coBible NIV Version stands for New International Version which is the new version of bible written in modern English. But if you have the more conventional taste and seek for literal accuracy then there is another version waiting just for you and that is called KJV (King James Version). It’s really sad to say that the USP of this tool is its search utility which is not there is in the demo version so you will have to buy it to use it.
The set up is relatively small, only about 1.5MB to what I expected. The installation procedure is done in few seconds and as you open the application for the first time, you see a plain, pretty ordinary and simple screen against to what you would have expected as in most of the today’s applications. But at the same time you must not forget you are opening a bible and there can’t be anything flashy about it. I don’t really feel the need to explain you more about the search methods. The above graphic images are self explanatory. To inform you about some of the issues, the first is the small font size and a crappy interface. Finally I would say that if you can live with the lack of search feature then mobipocket is better than coBible NIV Version.Download coBible NIV Version

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