Jan 29, 2009

Nokia latest releases : Nokia 6700, Nokia 6303 & Nokia 2700

Alhtough the first month of 2009 is not over yet, Nokia has already announced three new phones: Nokia 6700 classic, Nokia 6303 classic and Nokia 2700 classic.
All of them have been unveiled just a few hours ago, and, as Nokia puts it, they offer a mix of “functionality and user experience required in today’s hectic times, with premium designs and materials that make them the most beautiful, well built and competitively priced offerings available.”

First on the list is Nokia 6700 classic, a candybar that comes to replace the popular Nokia 6300 (launched way back in 2006).

I must say, the 6700 (pictured above) looks really nice, and it will probably sell well. Its features were not fully unveiled, but we do know that they include a 5 MP camera, A-GPS and “high speed data access”.

Nokia 6700 will be available in the second quarter of 2009, for an estimated retail price of €235 (around $310).

Nokia 6303 classic, seen just below, is also a candybar that will ship at about the same time with the 6700, but for a lower price: €135 ($178).

The 6303 offers a 2.2 inch display, a 3.2 MP camera, pre-loaded Nokia Maps, a 3.5mm headset jack and “excellent battery performance”.

Nokia 2700 classic, the third new Finnish phone for today, is a cheap device that will cost you only €65 ($85).
Planned to be released in Q2 2009 too, the 2700 features a 2MP camera, integrated music player and MicroSD card support, up to 2GB.Source...

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