Oct 4, 2008

Play Hundreds of Mobile Games on the go for free

We touched this subject before like when we wrote about the deal behind the battlefield free online game at the beginning of 2008. We were discussing about a new free online version of this video game available for free, being supported by advertising and micro payments.
Free online games supported by in-game ads is a smart idea and is really working without bothering gamers during the gameplay. Now we have another alternative launched a few days ago by 123play, which became the Europe’s best source of free mobile gaming available in UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.
123play is provided by Mobile Advertising Solution for mobile handsets, and users can choose from 800 different games to download and play on the go. The advertising appears when the game is launched and after the gaming ends, so users can click on one of the 2 ads if they like and land on mobile websites. In addition, if you play the same game several times a day you’ll see the ads only the first time you launch it, and if you are willing to pay a small amount of money all games become 100% free, with no ads.
You have games available from the most famous creators such as THQ Wireless, RealArcade, Vivendi Games Mobile and Hands-On Mobile, all supported by more than 800 mobile handset models.
“With today’s launch we’ve made the best mobile games even better – by making them free for anyone to download” said Markus Ramark, CEO of 123play.com “There’s no other service out there that brings together great games and advertising from leading brands, wraps them together, and makes it as easy as 1, 2, 3 to play.” Source...

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