Oct 4, 2008

Nokia Tube vs Apple iPhone

Is Nokia really against Apple?

I know its just something to make the title just pop out at you, but Nokia is in no way trying to throw raspberries at Apple. (Please say that you know what a raspberry is).
Both companies produced great products and yes Apple may have made it to the innovative market first, but honestly people... both devices are different and targeted at different people. I wouldn't so much say its a brewing war but if that what makes excitement than forget what I said.
I've been an iPhone 3G users since it was launched and I will admit that I like it alot. But when it comes to pics and videos my Nokia never fails me. See that's called "consumer choice" and I myself had to learn to not badmouth or "dis" other products (except the Motorola RAZR) ... plus the Apple fanboys scared the hell out of me. :)
Will the 5800 XpressMusic phone seem like something I'm interested in? Absotively! But I'm like that with most new devices. Only because I can only base opinions on my own judgement and not everyone elses. Take the N78 for example... the FM Transmitter and FOTA were my favorite features. Now unfortunately, thats pretty much what I've used it for... that and it looks more stylish in my evening bag.
The Tube was never meant to be "the iPhone killer" but more of an introduction of a new option in Nokia's catalog of devices. OPTIONS OPTIONS OPTIONS... man I love that word!!
Do you honestly think that someone from the 5800 design team was actually thinking "Yeah this is gonna kick the iPhone's a$$". Source...

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