Sep 10, 2008

Top 13 Free Games for your iPhone 3G

Some day back we posted some cool free Apps for iphone, now am here posting so free games for iPhone. There are quite a few games available for purchase, but why pay for games when you can get some for free instead? So am posting only the free Games for iPhone and iPod touch here. Check out the List Below:

1. MathQuizK- Got a kindergartner or first grader? Let him or her have fun doing addition and subtraction problems. What game could be more fun for your favorite child? They’ll thank you for it when they’re grownups.

2. Cannon Challenge- Discovery Channel, Cannon Challenge is based on their show Future Weapons, and firing a Non-Line-Of-Sight (NLOS) cannon at targets of varying distance. Equal parts addicting and challenging.

3. Jirbo Avatar - With Jirbo Avatar you can create your own custom avatar, a Jirbo account and you’ll be even be able to remember your high scores! Jirbo Avatar lets you create your very own iPhone gaming identity.

4. Warcraft Characters - Not so much a game in and of itself, but a way for you to look up World of Warcraft characters on the go and see their stats, skills and equipment no matter where you are.

5. Sudoku- Play this addicting game directly on your iPhone!

6. Checkrz - A classic game that everyone knows how to play! Be careful though, it’s a one player game, but the computer is good!

7. Blip Solitaire- Play a solitaire version of a game similar to the classic Pong from days gone by. Can you keep the ball bouncing? For how long?

8. Othello - Also known by the name “Reversi” on just about every Windows computer sold for years, it is the familiar game played on an 8 X 8 grid with the object of controlling the majority of the board at the end of the game.

9. Frotz- An interface for playing text-based adventure games that harken back to games like Zork, Bard’s Tale and Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy from the 1980’s.

10. Shredder Chess- A cool chess game for Chess Lover. play online on your iPhone.

11. Dactyl- A fast-paced game of bomb diffusing that helps you practice your dexterity and frazzles your nerves as bombs explode.

12. Crash Landing - This game uses the iPhone and iPod Touch accelerometer to control the descent of a starship, aiming to land on the platform on the moon.

13. Fire Drop - A puzzle game that tries to test your speed and your willingness to see how far you can push your luck. The more cauldrons you burn at once, the higher the score, but make sure you don’t fill the entire screen

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