Sep 10, 2008

Vodafone says "NO STOCK" for Apple iPhone 3G 16GB in New Delhi

Amid all the ‘news reports’ about the iPhone 3G not flying off the shelves in India, Vodafone has run out of stocks for the 16 GB version. We checked out a few stores in South Delhi and every store had the same story to narrate – “Sorry, all that we have at the moment is the 8GB version in stock.” It seems only Airtel has stocks of the high-end version of the handheld as even the lone Imagination Apple Store in Ansal Plaza in South Delhi was found devoid of any 16 GB iPhone 3G.
Well, the guys at Voda tell us their stocks will be replenished not before September 15. But the million dollar question on our minds is whether Voda has actually sold the iPhone 3G 16 GB in huge numbers or had miniscule stocks in the first place? With both Airtel and Voda putting forward a poker face when it comes to shipment figures, our guess is as good as yours.
So it’s gonna be Airtel for my colleague, who dragged me all over the town to find the elusive iPhone 3G 16 GB on Vodafone. Wonder why he can’t wait for a week when he’s already waited for a fortnight? Well, that’s one desperate Apple fanboy for you. Source...

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