May 21, 2008

ASOCS Launches The World's First Software Radio

The company, ASOCS is trying to change the way mobile phones operate. Currently, whatever phone is being used will have to rely on the chips that are available on the phone itself, such as a Bluetooth, WiFi or GPS chip. All of which are separate as they work on different frequencies and use various modulation techniques. Now ASOCS is trying to make a chip that has a wireless interface that can be programmed by software.

The scenario would be that if the user has an EDGE device, all they would need to do is apply for an upgrade, and it would be able to do HSDPA. Using a 3G device? Feel free to upgrade to LTE. The MP100 has three programmable wireless interfaces that can do things such as GPS, WiFi, EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA, LTE etc. If things work out well, development of this should be really something to look forward too.

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