May 8, 2008

Japanese Men blackmailed with mobile porn

Apparently it's no longer enough to make money off the mobile porn the Japanese watch, now they're being billed for the porn they didn't watch .

Here's a disturbing new trend that shows that mobile porn services can, gasp(!), be unscrupulous:

"Even as calls to these services are ringing up increasingly attractive profits, they're also a clarion call for scam artists. More than a few people whose identities have been stolen have ended up with hefty bills from mobile phone adult movie contents providers whose services they've never heard of but will pay anyway rather than taking up an embarrassing fight against them that may wrongfully expose them as having a proclivity for portable porn."

The way I see it, if Japan as a society continues to have such a repressed view of porn, the only recourse for people whose identities were stolen is to call up these mobile companies and demand they resend the porn free of charge.

I mean the only thing worse than being framed for watching porn, is getting framed for watching porn and not even getting to see it.

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