May 8, 2008

CinemaNow Mobile about 1/2 a good idea

Want to download a movie to your computer (people do that legally?) but think of it at work?

That's where CinemaNow comes in. You can order a movie through your cell phone, either buying it or paying $1.99 to rent it for 24 hours; and the film will start downloading automatically to your computer, so by the time you get home, it'll be ready to watch.

CinemaNow claim that by 2009 they be able to send the movies directly to your cell phone, adding the NOW aspect to CinemaNow; but for the time being their biggest problem is actually their content. Among the hit movies being promoted on the fornt page of their website is Ninja Academy, Malibu Eyes, and the Cher Farewell Concert tour.

Don't get me wrong, when I rent a movie I want to see something I haven't seen before; but not something nobody's ever seen before.

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